Episode 8: Gravity (from the archives)

george clooney enjoys having his servos rewired
please forgive our podcasting sins

Full disclaimer: we recorded this early-days episode at a McDonald’s after watching Gravity. There are some eating noises. Forgive us Apple o god don’t drop us. Also, we’ll fix our metadata we swear.

Anyway, we wanted to keep all the Cuarón episodes in somewhat close proximity. As for the movie itself: meh.

Episode 2: One Direction: This is Us (from the archives)

When Joe asked me to choose an episode from the archive to kick off our special “From the Archives” series, One Direction: This is Us immediately sprung to mind. Our conversation about this little piece of cinema really cemented, for me at least, the tone and tenor and caliber of all our film conversations that followed. Meaning: some sharp cultural analysis, on-point haircut critiques, and exactly one fight.

hot butts?

And for the curious, the description from the original episode below:

Joe and I felt that we had been reviewing too much fluff, so we watched the One Direction movie to lend some gravitas to this blog. The conversation got a little heated. It turns out we both feel strongly about this topic. Now we know.