Episode 14 – The Wandering Earth (2019)

don’t worry there are so many explosions in this shot you just can’t see them

We streamed Frant Gwo’s mega-blockbuster The Wandering Earth after a long weekend of find a place to live seeking, flat tires, and dead batteries. Our initial take: it’s a fun asplode fest! Is there more to this movie as we talk it out? Find out, dear reader, by listening.

Also, here’s some context that we dug up after our talk: There’s a lot of buzz about this movie representing a landmark in Chinese cinema–it’s first Sci-Fi blockbuster. Here’s a Vice piece by Muqing Zhang on Western techno-orientalist reception of the movie.

Also, errata: the movie does explain something we think it doesn’t explain–an unexpected spike in Jupiter’s gravity. Maybe our batteries were dead.

Episode 13 – Chanelle Gallant’s “F_ck You, Pay Me” (2019) (BOOK CLUB)

We’re reading Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, written and gathered by adrienne maree brown. There was so much here to talk about but, for now, we’re turning to one essay in particular: Chanelle Gallant’s tremendous “Fuck You, Pay Me,” a myth-shattering case for the right of sex workers to use their sexuality to get the life they want. You can learn more about adrienne maree brown’s work here and Chanelle Gallant’s work here.

Episode 12 – Bon Appétit, It’s Not the Avengers

O Noodles

The responsible pop culture thing for us to do would have been for us to watch the Avengers. We were going to watch Us but then a lot of life stuff got in the way. We had one last chance this weekend but by that point every showing after 1:00 PM at our semi-rural theatre had been Avengered. And guess what? We don’t give a fuck about the Avengers! Or the related demi-plane of superhero content. Instead, we’ve been zoning out to seven to thirty-five minute videos of Bon Appétit’s test kitchen ppl making food, so we talked about that and somehow the gig economy. Enjoy!

Some episodes: Claire makes Peeps, the gang makes pizza, Brad fries baloney, Andy makes halva, Brad and Gabby make empanadas.

Episode 11: Emergent Strategy (2017) (BOOK CLUB)

Joe’s operating system crashed during this one.

This week’s movie is a book. That’s how things go down here sometimes. Cheryl just read adrienne maree brown’s visionary self/society/galactic help book 2017 Emergent Strategy. Joe read it a year ago. We both are thinking about how to be in this f-ed up world, so we hit record and started talking. brown’s 2019 Pleasure Activism is at the top of our pile. Watch out for our conversation about it in 2021. Also, we will watch a movie soon, we promise.

Episode 9: Sorry to Bother You (2018)

After Green Book won an Oscar, we toyed w/hate-watching it since Feb cinema is a dumping ground for lame movies. We decided instead to return to Boots Riley’s powerhouse directorial debut Sorry to Bother You. We talk it over in an end-of-work-week fugue state, get wildly off topic, and work our way back to the point: we loved this movie real hard.

Episode 8: Gravity (from the archives)

george clooney enjoys having his servos rewired
please forgive our podcasting sins

Full disclaimer: we recorded this early-days episode at a McDonald’s after watching Gravity. There are some eating noises. Forgive us Apple o god don’t drop us. Also, we’ll fix our metadata we swear.

Anyway, we wanted to keep all the Cuarón episodes in somewhat close proximity. As for the movie itself: meh.