7.1.21 / microbreweries wont save buffalo. India Walton’s historic win as a socialist mayoral candidate & the proliferation of microbreweries as symbol of byron brown’s failure / mindless urbanism

Friend Butt 11.27.2020: We respond to Carra’s email about Dirty Dancing and talk abt Joe’s childhood movies.
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8.11.19 / slfhlp slfhlp slfhlp slfhlp. we’ve got beats now! an intro & outro! by our good friend, synth-warlock, and drummer slfhlp. now other people are involved! o no.

Rage Butt: We hate on Lionel Shriver’s trash article, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” in Feb 2019 issue of Harper’s, which Cheryl found in her office and read at Wegman’s.

1.13.19 / we used to have another website then we were hosted somewhere else & now we’re back like weeds. sometimes i’m not sure if i even like movies or if i just like talking to c. j.

1.5.19 / i don’t know this is where some things will go, cheryl? j.