Episode 41 – Bacurau (2019)

All we have to say is WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Actually, here’s a little more:

Bacurau is one of the best movies we’ve seen in years. This 2019 Brazilian film is strange, funny, dark, and galvanizing, and it’s impossible to adequately capture its brilliance with a few choice adjectives. At first blush, it’s the story of a small village in Brazil (set sometime in the near future) grappling with things like lack of access to water and a corrupt and annoyingly unhelpful mayor. Not a lot of surprises there. But about halfway through the movie, the story starts to swerve off the rails in a direction that we just did not see coming, and the ending is a first-rate lesson on crafting the perfect cinematic third act.
There are a lot of surprises that we completely spoil in our conversation, so if you have any intention of watching this movie, wait to listen to this episode until after you watch.

Thanks to slfhlp for providing us some SICK BEATS for our intro and outro.

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