Episode 46 – Good Time (2017)

Alternate, more accurate titles for Good Time:

Extremely Stressful Time

Nerve-Wracking Time

On Edge Time

Don’t-Watch-This-Alone Time

Apparently, the title of Benny & Josh Safdie’s 2017 film, starring Robert Pattinson, is prison slang and refers to the reduction in an inmate’s sentence for good behavior. The life you lead after you’re released is your “good time.”

It does not refer to the experience that a viewer might have in watching this movie. Good Time is a tense, increasingly disturbing couple hours that follows Pattinson’s character during one night in New York City as he tries to get his younger brother out of jail after a bank robbery gone wrong. It’s a maddening descent into chaos and immorality. It’s Pattinson at his very best. We were wholly unprepared. But we had fun talking it out!


Thanks to slfhlp for providing us some SICK BEATS for our intro and outro.

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