Episode 12 – Bon Appétit, It’s Not the Avengers

O Noodles

The responsible pop culture thing for us to do would have been for us to watch the Avengers. We were going to watch Us but then a lot of life stuff got in the way. We had one last chance this weekend but by that point every showing after 1:00 PM at our semi-rural theatre had been Avengered. And guess what? We don’t give a fuck about the Avengers! Or the related demi-plane of superhero content. Instead, we’ve been zoning out to seven to thirty-five minute videos of Bon Appétit’s test kitchen ppl making food, so we talked about that and somehow the gig economy. Enjoy!

Some episodes: Claire makes Peeps, the gang makes pizza, Brad fries baloney, Andy makes halva, Brad and Gabby make empanadas.

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