Episode 13 – Chanelle Gallant’s “F_ck You, Pay Me” (2019) (BOOK CLUB)

We’re reading Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, written and gathered by adrienne maree brown. There was so much here to talk about but, for now, we’re turning to one essay in particular: Chanelle Gallant’s tremendous “Fuck You, Pay Me,” a myth-shattering case for the right of sex workers to use their sexuality to get the life they want. You can learn more about adrienne maree brown’s work here and Chanelle Gallant’s work here. And listen to our interview of Chanelle in Episode 19.

3 Replies to “Episode 13 – Chanelle Gallant’s “F_ck You, Pay Me” (2019) (BOOK CLUB)”

  1. Funny you mention how interesting it would be to discuss this in a GSWS classroom, as I’m using your podcast as a reference for my paper right now! What a moving read, I’m loving this paper so far lol…


    1. Wow, that’s so rad that our podcast is helping you write your paper!! That’s high praise. Thanks so much for listening, and hope you get an A! -Cheryl


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