Episode 14 – The Wandering Earth (2019)

don’t worry there are so many explosions in this shot you just can’t see them

We streamed Frant Gwo’s mega-blockbuster The Wandering Earth after a long weekend of find a place to live seeking, flat tires, and dead batteries. Our initial take: it’s a fun asplode fest! Is there more to this movie as we talk it out? Find out, dear reader, by listening.

Also, here’s some context that we dug up after our talk: There’s a lot of buzz about this movie representing a landmark in Chinese cinema–it’s first Sci-Fi blockbuster. Here’s a Vice piece by Muqing Zhang on Western techno-orientalist reception of the movie.

Also, errata: the movie does explain something we think it doesn’t explain–an unexpected spike in Jupiter’s gravity. Maybe our batteries were dead.

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